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If i were to win i will

If i were to win i will promise everyone that you will get a book that is filled full of medical information and a lot more. I have in this book over 200 ways that you can get Free medication that even your doctors will not tell you about and even more. As well as a number of ways to get free medical care paid for from Hospitals, Nursing Homes, as well as your Doctors Visits paid for.
I have also added ways to get Free dental work done, and even Free Vision care as well.
Right now i'm hunting down more on the hearing. I know i have a phone number that anyone can call and do a phone hearing test as well. But i'm looking for Doctors that help with buying the hearing aids for people.
Like i have said i am a nurse and i come from a very large medical family which is why i happen to know & have all this information.And i will write checks out to the agencies each month that help people out because as a nurse you do the best you can for others. And this is the best i know how to help out everyone at no cost to you. And i will write a check out to the toy for toys as well because as you can tell i also did leatherwork for years and the toy for tots runs were some of the very saddest ones to do when there were only a couple of people that showed up for the kids. That is why i have always donated all tips for the fund raisers as well as akk repair money. This way everyone gets helped out..

Posted by Anonymous on 9 June 2016 - 5:48pm