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If i were to win it all i can

If i were to win it all i can say this wholeheartedly and mean it. Because everyone that knows me can tell you if you need a nurse to take care of you, call me because if i'm not busy with another patient i'll pick up and get there as soon as i can and i never expect a thing in return. I have done this for a very long time and i will do it until i can no longer do it. I was not just raised this way but as a nurse this is what you do and why. This is why i had to sit down and write this book. I have so much more information than the normal nurse does because of all of the medical professionals in my family. I'm not kidding at all when i say we have over a dozen nurses, an aunt that teaches nursing and is also an RN, 2 administrators ( 1 was my mother who worked through the age of 75 years old, the other is my cousin ), my grandmother who retired doing medical billing, and a Doctor as well.
As a youngster i was the only one in the entire family that had and serious medical trouble, which is why my mother sat down with the great great aunts to find out what herbal remedies cure what. And i can say this as a fact because of not just knowing but having to use them that they do work. Which is why i also put them into the book as well as what they are known by in an herbal store. Besides listing over 200 places where you can get Free Medications as well as 3 ways on how to get your hospital bills paid for in a step by step easy to understand format. And one of the three ways that pays for hospital bills also pays for doctors visits as well. I knew i had to write this book for everyone and the reasons are simple. First i'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian and i had to undergo upper neck and back surgery in 2010 because i was missing all of the disc from C2 through C7 as well as having 2 pinched nerves. And if you want to know where C2 is at tip your neck back and take your finger across the top of your throat is C1. So just below C1 for about 4 inches all had to be replaced. So when the doctors told me no more riding bikes and no more sewing i thought and this book came to mind. I figured it's the next best way i can help everyone out, which is why i want to send everyone including the blind and deaf a copy of this book.
I can also promise everyone that you will not find the following phone numbers in the book. I will promise you will not find phone numbers to Soc. Sec. Disability number, Medicare, or ever Medicare. But you will find helpful phone numbers that may be related to them.
I can also promise you that you will find not just the names of the companies, there websites, as well as who to contact. Beside so much more information. I know that some of the information even young kids will enjoy a great deal. I had to add in the herbals because there is so much that is not being passed down at all and we need to keep this information going because it does work. Think of it this way; Herbals are all natural where Medication you don't know what the drug companies added to the pills and how badly it will mess your system up, live your liver. And i know the tribe will hate me for letting this information out because the big drug companies will break them down to make bigger money off of this information. And yes they have even had a cure for Cancer for sometime.
I also promise that i will write checks out to the agencies that help people out so everyone will get helped and keep getting help. As well as the toy for tots because i have done there rallies all over and in some areas they were lucky to get two bikes show up for the kids and i'm sorry but that's no fault of the kids but at the same time they need to know that they will have what they need and want. And i knew if i didn't do this book now it would never be done.

Posted by Anonymous on 3 June 2016 - 9:37am