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Hi PCH, My name is kadesia

My name is kadesia Williams. I am trying to put my entry in to win the win it all prize for June 30th. I really hope I win because I have been struggling so bad these last past couple years. I literally lost everything I had last year and then turned around and lost it all again a couple months ago. My car was stolen and everything in the inside was ripped completely out to where my car was not drive-able. I am still being held responsible to make the car payments on the car even though I do not have a car anymore. Everything me and my 1 year old daughter had is gone. I am jumping from house to house with my daughter and quit frankly I'm tired of it. I just really want to live in a stable place with a descent car to drive to get me and my daughter to where we need to go. I'm tired of struggling and don't want my daughter to grow up seeing me struggle. I just really wish I could win so me and my daughter could live comfortably without having to worry about bugs and having to live under people's roofs and all of their rules. I'm tired of being taken advantage of because I am living in someone else's house. If it wasn't for my daughter being the joy in my life I probably would have rolled over and died from so much stress in my life. But she makes me feel stronger than what I am. I just really want to win this so I can relieve so much stress.

Posted by Anonymous on 1 June 2016 - 5:01am