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If i were to win by some

If i were to win by some strange reason i promise and swear to god that everyone will be helped out greatly with my book which i will mail out to everyone for free. And for the kids that were and like myself as a youngster ( keep in mind i grew up around a lake with a great many types of snakes ) i even tell them if they want to take the skin off of a snake and see it move like it's alive, do it at sun up or sun down. And the reason why is because all there nerves are relaxing although it has been dead for some hours makes there body feel as if it's still alive, which is why the snake will move all over the place. But there are well over 200 ways to get Free medications as well as 3 ways to get your hospital bills paid for. And one of the 3 ways to get your hospital bills paid for will also pay for you to go to the Doctors office and i'm not kidding at all. This is the truth from a nurse that grew up in a huge medical family of over a dozen nurses, 2 administrators, an aunt that teaches nursing as well as is an RN, a Doctor, and a grandmother that retired doing medical billing of whom i learned a great amount of this information from. I know everyone is hurting and i also know and see that Obama Care has been falling apart. We all know this past week that it was stated on the news that " United Health Care is going out of Obama Care. But there's more to it than just there name and this is why. Under the umbrella of United Health Care there is also AAA, Care Improvement Plus, and others which is why i know those living on a very fixed income and fighting with do i pay for medications or not eat today or do i not take medications and eat. You see all this information i have will relieve you of the burden of having to buy the medications. I will write out checks each month to the agencies that help people out and are willing to do so just on donations, as well as toy for tots. The reason why i say toy for tots is because there are a good many states where there is anywhere from 2 to 5 people show up for the kids, and that's not the kids fault at all. But i will do this month after month so everyone can get help as well.

Posted by Anonymous on 30 May 2016 - 8:44pm