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PCH, I promise and swear to

PCH, I promise and swear to god to everyone that ya'll will get a book that has a great amount of medical information in it for everyone and more. I know some may be asking Why medical information? The answer is easy for me. I'm not just a nurse but i come from a very large family of medical professionals including over a dozen nurses, a Dr, and a lot of other heath care professionals. And when the first Part D heath care plans started to pull out i knew we were going to be in trouble so i had to get this book done for everyone. And i am 1/4 Cherokee Indian as well so i also list a good many Native Indian Herbal Remedies as well and explain how i know they work including Cancer, Yes the Natives knew about this and have had cures for it for a long time. I know this because my mother was looking at having both breast removed and she ran a county hospital when i was 12 years old. I was the only child in the family with medical issues all my life and i'll never forget her crying and trying to tell me nothing was wrong. I told her " mom i know there's something wrong and don't tell me there isn't. Look i have had trouble all my life so try to tell me what is going on ok." Then she told me she was worried about the Dr's not getting all the cancer and her hair falling out as well ". So i understood it all and i asked her "Mom have you gotten in touch with the Great great aunts, grandma, and all the others that might know anything about the Old Herbal Ways like you did with me? " She hadn't but then she got on the phone and started writing all kinds of stuff down. And when she got off the phone she gave me a hug and thanked me. And she only used the old Native ways and is still alive today. And i will write checks out every month to help not just the agencies that help people out but also to the Toy for tots as well because i have done so many of there rallies to try to help the kids that some of the rallies only get a couple bikes show up. I mean it's not the kids fault that the weather was nasty so about no one showed up, but this is why i feel they need help. I have seen it way to many times which is why i donate all money to towards the run - benefit.
I had to sit down and put this book together when the first Part D health care providers started to pull out of Obama Care. You see i not only have over 200 places to get Free Medication at as well as 3 ways to get your hospital bills paid and one of these sites will also pay for Doctors visits as well. And i can promise everyone this as well. You Will Not See Medicaid, Medicare, or even Disability in my list of medication or medical help. Now if you are on or trying to get disability help you will find a few phone numbers that can and will help you out a great deal. But not under medical help or medication help. But i give you not just the company names, the websites, phone numbers, as well as who to contact at these places.
And as for the hunters out there i even tell you how to get the hair off of a hyde like cow, or deer. And the reason why i suggest taking the hair off is because of what hides in the hair. For starters fleas, as well as mites.
I knew that if i didn't get this book done now, then the information would of never gotten together and out as well. I am not only a nurse but i come from a very large medical family of over a dozen. And i know that if this information didn't get out now, it would take some time for me to get it out to everyone. I was raised not only to help others out the best way i know how to, and this is the best way i know how to help out everyone.But i will also write checks out to the agencies that help pay for these bills as well as the Toy for Toys because they really need the help for the kids. That i know from doing many of the Toy for Tots rallies and donating all the money made for the kids. And i will do this until the day i pass away.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 May 2016 - 9:45pm