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If i were to win i can

If i were to win i can promise everyone and swear to god that everyone will get help from me if not in just one way, more than one way. One of the biggest ways everyone will get help is with Medical. And i know a great many of you are thinking why medical help? To start with i'm 1/4 Cherokee Indian, and when i started to see some of the Part D Heath Care Insurers dropping out and having to fight with them over what they were going to get paid i knew then that i had to do something to help out everyone and i have a ton of Free information for everyone. I even have put in some old Herbal Remedies that do work including for cancer. I explain how i know all about how these ways do work and who in my family had these health issues as well.. Like for cancer my mother was looking at having both breast removed as she was running a county hospital. Yet by using the Native Remedies she didn't even loose her breast. You see this is something that no one ever talks about so i will tell you this and it is the truth as well. We the people of the United States are fool's because not only do we develop the medications and we pay the highest prices for the medicines yet we give it away free to other countries. This is why i have not only 200 medication sites with links, phone numbers, and names. But i also have 3 ways that you can get your hospital bills paid for, and one of the ways will also pay for Doctors visits as well.
I knew that if i didn't get this book done now, then the information would of never gotten together and out as well. I am not only a nurse but i come from a very large medical family of over a dozen. And i know that if this information didn't get out now, it would take some time for me to get it out to everyone.

Posted by Anonymous on 20 May 2016 - 5:45pm